The Future of  Blasting is Here

Providing exceptional alternatives to commercial exposives.


Revolutionizing the Blasting Industry

Welcome to AutoStem, where we are forging a new path in blasting technology with our state-of-the-art, non-detonating blasting cartridges. 

Our mission is clear:

“To enhance safety and efficiency in rock and concrete breaking operations across the globe.

Let us explore how our products and services are transforming the industry.”

Our Story

From our inception, AutoStem has been driven by a commitment to innovate. Each member of our team shares a passion for developing technologies that not only meet but exceed industry standards. We are motivated by the challenges faced in the blasting industry, particularly those related to feasibility, safety, and environmental impact. Our response to these challenges is a range of cartridges that set new benchmarks in both areas.


Product Range

There are two different initiation mechanisms available to cater for any blasting application that need to be done.

Standard Cartridge

The “Standard” cartridge comes with a factory fitted igniter build into the cartridge through which instantaneous initiation of the cartridge is achieved. Multiple cartridge can be joined in either a series or parallel circuit should more than one cartridge need to be initiated at the same time.

Sequential Cartridge

The “Sequential” does not come with any initiation device build into the cartridge however it can receive any electronic detonator or shocktube assembly that allows for timing of the blastholes This feature allows initiation of blastholes to be timed to the required sequence.

AutoStem Generation III cartridge ranges are the:

AutoStem Micro Cartridges
AutoStem Mini Cartridges
AutoStem Generation III 35mm Cartridges
AutoStem Generation III 43mm Cartridges
AutoStem Generation III 83 and 87mm Cartridges

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What’s New at AutoStem



Training is split between two industries:

– Mining (Surface and Underground mining industries)

– Civil (Civil construction blasting industry)

The training program includes:

Introduction to AutoStem (Module 1)


South African Legislation (Module 2)


Standard Operating Procedures SOP’s (Module 3) 

Practical Shifts




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Our Commitment to Safety and Sustainability

The core of AutoStem’s mission is safety and environmental stewardship. Every product we develop is with the intent to lower risks and reduce the industry’s footprint on our planet. This means creating solutions that do not just meet expectations but set new standards for responsible blasting practices across industries.
At AutoStem, we are dedicated to delivering advanced technology and trusted services to our clients. We are not merely a provider of blasting alternatives, we are pioneers advocating for a safer and cleaner future in the industry.


Advantages of Using AutoStem

Reduced Vibration

Ground vibrations are significantly lower when using AutoStem rock breaking cartridges because of the reduced powder factor which allows for blasting closer to crucial sensitive environments

Reduced Danger Area

The deflagrating nature of AutoStem rock breaking cartridges reduce fly rock substantially when used in the prescribed manner thus reducing danger radius.

Longer Shelf life

AutoStem rock breaking cartridges have an 18-month shelf life, which is substantially longer than that of commercial explosives

Transport Safety

The 1.4S UN classification allows for AutoStem rock breaking cartridges to be transported by airfreight, even on a passenger aircraft, by sea, by train and by road. In some countries relaxation is given to transport up to 250kg with an unregistered explosive vehicles.

Environmental Impact

Reduced powder factors imply less explosive material used, which can have a positive impact on the environment by decreasing the volume of harmful fumes and other pollutants released. AutoStem rock breaking cartridges have a completely harmless gas profile making it ideal for blasting in underground confined spaces with re-entry periods a little as 7 minutes.