Product Specific Training to the Blasting Industry 

AutoStem offers extensive training programs designed to educate users on the correct and safe use of their rock breaking cartridges. The training is detailed in an exhaustive training manual, which serves as the cornerstone of their educational services. Training material is routinely updated to reflect the latest best practices and regulatory requirements, ensuring that all information remains current and relevant.

The training encompasses a range of important topics, including:

The training sessions are structured to be interactive, combining theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on experience. This immersive approach ensures that participants are well-versed in every aspect of AutoStem’s technology and are fully prepared to apply it within their operations.

Proper handling and storage procedures for the cartridges

Step-by-step guidance on cartridge use (SOP)

Understanding the mechanics and science behind the non-detonating technology

Safety protocols and emergency response measures

Compliance with local explosives regulations


Ongoing Support

In addition to initial training, AutoStem provides in-depth ongoing support. This means that beyond the foundational education, users receive continuous assistance to ensure that they are up to date with the latest safety regulations and product innovations.

Ongoing support features include:

  • Regular updates to training materials.
  • Direct access to experienced professionals for guidance and troubleshooting.
  • Different regulations in different countries.
  • Support in reviewing operational procedures to ensure correct use of product.

By providing this level of ongoing support, AutoStem ensures that its clients are never left to navigate the complexities of explosive technologies and safety regulations alone. It also highlights AutoStem’s commitment to a partnership approach, fostering long-term relationships that are built on trust, excellence, and shared dedication to workplace safety.

For organizations opting to integrate AutoStem’s non-detonating technology into their operations, the company’s initiative-taking stance on training and support is a testament to its commitment to customer satisfaction and industry safety standards.

Approved by the Chief Inspector of Explosives (SAPS)

AutoStem’s training manual and its associated training programs have garnered approval from the Chief Inspector of Explosives (CIE). This approval denotes that the training content adheres to stringent South African standards and that passing it equips individuals with the expertise necessary to operate within the South African industry’s regulatory frameworks.

South African regulations are based on recommendations made by the UN which other countries also use; therefore, our training material is a sufficient starting point to train candidates outside the borders of South Africa with only minor adjustments to be compliant with their local authority regulatory requirements.


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