About AutoStem


Letter from Our CEO and Founder – Josy Cohen

At AutoStem, I have found my calling in revolutionizing the blasting industry. What we provide here is not just a product; it is an innovation that is changing the game for rock and concrete breaking operations globally. Our non-detonating blasting cartridges are engineered with safety and efficiency as core principles, breaking away from traditional methods to offer something that is both groundbreaking and dependable.

Our journey began with a simple idea: to make the world of blasting safer and more controllable. That vision has propelled us to where we are today – offering products and services on a scale that spans across continents. We have carefully crafted each cartridge to minimize risks without sacrificing power, an initiative that has been met with enthusiasm from clients across various sectors.

As a part of the team at AutoStem, I take personal pride in our firsthand approach. Management is not a distant entity; we are actively involved in sales and support, ensuring that our partnerships are built on direct communication and trust. It is not just about making a sale, it is about cultivating relationships and ensuring that we understand and meet the unique needs of each client.

 What sets our products apart is their self-stemming design. They require no stemming or tamping, when used in the prescribed parameters therefore simplifying the process and significantly decreasing the preparation time. This is not just a matter of convenience it is a leap towards enhancing safety standards. The standard cartridge eliminates the need for traditional detonators and explosives accessories thereby reducing potential hazards associated with handling and transportation.

Let us talk about global reach. We are not content with staying within any boundaries, our ambition is to make these safer blasting solutions accessible worldwide. That is why we have navigated international regulations, securing accreditation with prominent bodies like BAM in the European Union, the USA Department of Transport, and others. Such recognition underscores the reliability and safety of our cartridges.

Furthermore, I am deeply invested in making sure that anyone using our technology is equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to do so safely and effectively. This is where our comprehensive training programs and manuals come into play, approved by top industry regulators like the Chief Inspector of Explosives, South Africa. We believe in empowering our clients with education, ensuring that they are up to date with the most current practices, legislative requirements, and safety protocols.

Our commitment does not end with training, we are there for our clients long after the initial purchase. Our ongoing support system is robust and designed to maintain a consistent line of communication for any further guidance needed. This reflects our belief that our success is intertwined with the success and satisfaction of our clients.

In conclusion, being a part of AutoStem means being at the forefront of a transformation in the blasting industry. Our combined focus on innovation, safety, direct management involvement, and a determined global presence makes us leaders in what we do. We are not just selling a product we are providing a service, that carries our promise for a more efficient and safer future in blasting operations.


Our Story

From our inception, AutoStem has been driven by a commitment to innovate. Each member of our team shares a passion for developing technologies that not only meet but exceed industry standards. We are motivated by the challenges faced by the blasting industry, particularly those related to safety and environmental impact. Our response to these challenges is a range of cartridges that set new benchmarks in both areas.

Our Global Reach

AutoStem is not confined by geographical boundaries. We are proud to deliver our pioneering products to clients all over the world, navigating a myriad of regulations to ensure compliance and accessibility. Our global perspective fuels our drive to continue innovating for a diverse clientele with varied needs.

Our Support System

When you choose AutoStem, you are not just purchasing a product; you are gaining a partner. We believe in providing our customers with comprehensive support, from compulsory initial training to ongoing assistance. Our training programs, personally overseen by our management, are second to none and are designed to ensure that every user can operate our cartridges safely and effectively.

Moreover, our commitment to customer care does not end with a sale. We maintain an active line of support, offering guidance and updates to keep pace with industry advancements.

Our Vision for the Future

At AutoStem, we see a future where blasting operations are conducted with unprecedented safety and environmental consideration. We envision a world where our non-detonating technology becomes the standard, propelling the industry forward into a new era of innovation and responsible practice.



The hallmark of AutoStem’s product line is the UN 1.4S classification of their rock breaking cartridge, which boasts remarkable features aimed at maximizing safety and performance. What sets these cartridges apart is their ability to perform without any tamping or stemming when used under the recommended parameters. This is achieved by integrating a stemming action within the cartridge that seals the blasthole upon initiation.

These cartridges maximize safety by incorporating a patented safety switch, ensuring that they cannot be accidentally initiated. Additionally, with the use of Standard cartridges, the absence of the need for explosive accessories drastically reduces the risks associated with handling and transportation.

Key specifications of AutoStem Cartridges include:

A subsonic velocity of detonation (VOD) speed - Deflagration

Peak pressure between 500 MPa – 6500 MPa depending on the cartridge charge.

By offering a controlled and focused blasting experience with minimal vibration and shockwave impacts, these cartridges are suitable for various applications, from demolition to mining, where precision and safety are paramount.


Value Proposition

AutoStem’s combination of innovative product design and customer-centric services creates a compelling value proposition. They deliver an exceptional blasting solution that prioritizes safety without compromising potency, a significant leap forward in the blasting industry. Companies looking to embrace modern, non-detonating blasting technology will find AutoStem’s offerings to be at the forefront of efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance.

As a company dedicated to advancing the blasting industry while maintaining strong ethical standards, AutoStem invites businesses and entrepreneurs to join their network and explore the potential of safer, more efficient blasting technology. For further engagement or inquiries, interested parties can contact AutoStem directly through the provided contact information.

For the latest updates and news, stakeholders and potential collaborators can subscribe to AutoStem news to stay informed about the latest developments in blasting technology.

AutoStem not only prides itself on its industry-leading products but also places a particular emphasis on comprehensive training and unwavering support for its clients. This ensures that the utilization of their innovative blasting cartridges is both effective and conforms to all safety regulations.


Revolutionizing the Blasting Industry

AutoStem takes pride not just in its products but also in the comprehensive services it provides. These include extensive collaboration with international regulators to ensure compliance with global standards.

AutoStem’s cartridges are accredited with several international standard bodies, including:

Furthermore, AutoStem offer a collaborative service model that seeks distributor partnerships across a global landscape. This model is designed to invite high-energy teams who are interested in taking on distributorships for AutoStem products in various countries. This approach fosters a sense of community amongst users and distributors, increasing the availability of AutoStem’s advanced blasting solutions worldwide.